Yoga Therapy

Yoga: A sure way to self realisation, health, peace, strength, beauty & long life.

What is Yoga?

YOGA : Like the other typically Indian word ‘dharma’ is a very comprehensive term, the meaning, amplitude and purpose of which are directly proportional to the general level of understanding, comprehension and need of the individual approaching it.

YOGA : When rightly understood is the process of reuniting our finite microcosmic individual self with the Infinite, Absolute, Pure, Macrocosmic Consciousness, upgrading man into Man, Superman, Godman and ultimately to Godhood. In between the two lies the immense range of possibilities covering all aspects of man’s aspirations and efforts to elevate himself into something nobler and more wholesome.

YOGA : Is that extraordinary, exemplary uniquely Indian technique, helping man to develop a deep awareness of himself – of every vibration and pulsation within – at the body, mind and intellect levels, by virtue of which he can master the forces internal and external.

YOGA : Bestows inner strength, sharpens our intellect, teaches us to control our emotions and brings a rare concentration and efficiency into our actions and work, making one do the right thing in the right way at the right time and that is why.

YOGA : Practice can increase our lung capacity and respiration, improve our ability to resist stress, reduce body weight and girth, decrease cholesterol and blood sugar levels and thus stabilize, restore and vitalize the body’s natural systems.

YOGA : For a good many people, yoga begins with the poses and postures at the body level, thanks to which health and beauty of the body and its vitality can be enhanced and preserved. That forms only the least part of yoga.

YOGA : Is therefore the best curative and preventive medicine for all the ills of man resulting from the so–called modern living.

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