SuJok Therapy

What is Su Jok?

Su Jok Therapy method has been evolved by a South Korean scientist Professor Park, Jae Woo who was a man of profound knowledge and lofty spirituality. He always worked hard without any self-interest. His work was dedicated to mankind with aim to help them. He conveyed to people that they are loved and made them happier.

Translated from Korean ‘Su’ means hand, and ‘Jok’ means feet. Thus this method is one using hands and feet for medical treatment. Hands and feet carry specific curative areas that follow the principle of likeness. The shape of the hand and foot resemble the human body. The physical body organ gets the therapeutic stimulation given to the reflection point on the palm/feet. Therefore this curative system is known as “Standard correspondence system’ of hands and feet.

Suffice it to recall the resonance effect of tuning forks; when one of them is made to sound another tuning fork of a closest tone would sound, too. A weaker sound may be generated by other tuning forks that are less like the first one. The fact is the likeness ensures the fastest interaction with a least loss of energy. It would be logical to assume that the fastest and the most effective treatment can be one that is produced by influencing the parts of the body that are most similar to it in shape.

The correspondence systems of hands and feet were presented for the first time officially in the 1987. In August of 1988, the new manual, outlined the fundamentals of the Su Jok theory and also presented the therapeutic correspondence system in the hand and foot and with it all the metaphysical principles of this curative system.

Of all the human body parts the hand possesses the utmost likeness to the body as is evident from its structure. The hand resembles the body in:

  • The similarity of the thumb to the head,
  • The number of the protruding parts;
  • The location, beginning & level of the protruding parts;
  • The direction of the protruding parts;
  • The proportion of the protruding parts;
  • The position of the protruding parts relatively to the central line.
  • Six Ki – Su Jok & Tri-origin – Su Jok are more focused, precise, powerful and so quicker whereby they are higher level knowledge than the ‘standard correspondence systems’.


Grand master
Prof Park Jae Woo

Professor Park, Jae Woo is a Korean scientist and philosopher who graduated in 1968 from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea. He is the originator of Su Jok Therapy, Twist Therapy and Smile Meditation (Triorigin). He is President of International Su Jok Therapy Association, International Spiral Motions Association and Korea Su Jok Acupuncture Institute. He is founder of Onnuri College (Almaty, Kazakhastan), Su Jok Academy (Moscow, Russia) and Neutro Foundation (Jaipur, India). He is Academician of the International Academy of Sciences, Honorary Doctor at Physical Education University (St.Petersburg, Russia), Honorary Professor at Kyrgystan State Medical University, Visiting Professor at Physicians Retraining Institute of Kazakhstan State Medical University.

His scientific works include, Homo system of Body Correspondence System, Six Ki Theory, Eight Origin Theory, Diamond Energy System, Spiral energy System, Triorigin Theory- Hetero, Homo, Neutro and Neuto, M Particle theory, Triorigin Taiji, Spiral Gymnastics, Twist Therapy and Twist Walking, Tiorigin Smile Meditation etc.. He has developed number of simple and effective systems of treatment, which have gained wide acceptance all over the world among practitioners and common people alike. He has the great wisdom to explain oriental wisdom in terms of modern science. He is the visionary par excellence.

Following his scientific achievements and findings, Professor Park has written many books in the field of Su Jok Therapy, Onnuri Medicine, Twist Therapy, Smile Meditation and several other fields of Alternative Medicine.

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