Su Jok Therapy

Three Levels of Su Jok

Three Levels of Su Jok

The topic being technical and within the limited scope here; we throw light on three levels of knowledge of ‘SuJok’, viz:

  • Standard correspondence system
  • Six Ki system &
  • Triorigin system

Each of the knowledge system is a complete and total by itself. Also, they are best and effective and full when knowledge is restricted to that particular level. The higher the level the focus, power, scope & quickness improves. Each of these levels are independent by itself & are not only un-opposing to another but often mutually complimentary.

The ‘Standard correspondence system’ is based on the root secret of resemblance of the structure of the palm and feet to the whole body. Also the body’s organs and systems are available as reflection and resemblance points on the palm and feet. When there is an illness on the organ / system, one or more of its reflection point becomes painful. Similarly, a therapy stimulation given at the painful reflection point is received by the organ/system of the physical body. Vital force is handled as a unified energy system.

The ‘Six Ki system’ : Based on duality if Yin-Yan , handles the vital force as a harmonious equilibrium of subdivided six energies. Each of the six energies do not exist separately or are not compartmentalised. They are all together. Rarely one or more of the energies becomes in excess. Similarly, may be some energy is in deficient. Either way a disharmony in equilibrium manifests within the whole body constitution or in a particular organ/system. With a higher level of disharmony, a discomfort is experienced by the individual. With a still larger level of disharmony, a continuous & more intensive discomfort is experienced by the individual, often as pain. Its now that illness gets recognised. Re-achieving the energy equilibrium at the effected organ/system brings the individual back to comfort and cure.

Both these systems also have a common approach as the pathway into the existence which is the invisible tubular structure through which the invisible unified vital energy [‘prana’] flows within existence[making three bodies as one], called meridians. Meridians and the direction of flow of energy are decoded as a linear layout on the palm/fingers.

The ‘Triorigin system’ is based on the secret of formation of the physical body from the point of existence of life as a single cell. The secret of formative growth being as a tri-spoke and then a tri-spoke, the name Triorigin. Here energy constitution is 1.Neuto, 2.Hetero, 3.Homo, & 4.Neutro. As compared to linear energy flow structure, here the concept is that of energy ring on the finger joints of the palm. Triorigin is based on the recognition & study of the fact that there exists 3 revealed and 1 unrevealed force and these give birth to all diverse beings is the physical world that seems real.

Three Stages of treatment

Treatment is required only for a sick person. Sometimes an illness is not symptomatic. Most of the time an illness is accompanied by a nagging discomfort, which is an effect having a cause.

Details here is not ‘SuJok’ but a simple management tool of ‘cause-effect fish bone analysis’ applied in patient management .

The ‘effect’ of discomfort in illness obviously have a ‘cause’ . This is interpreted & defined within the perspective of ‘Su Jok’.

In stage – one the cause is handled and the illness effect becomes next to nil.

After a reasonable duration, In stage –two : the therapy which was done in stage-1 is repeated for a shorter duration in order to anchor the cure and make it non-repeating.

Most often, in stage 1&2 the illness manifests and therapy is done at one organ/system of the body. Later, If required the approach can be extended on a backward integration. In stage-three; theoretically the ‘cause’ of stage-1 is extrapolated as an ‘effect’. Now the ‘backward cause’ can be seen to be triggering from some other part of the body. This is handled in stage-3 along with whole body harmonisation. On completion of such an approach the possibility of the original illness coming back gets reduced to negligible. The person gets charged-up, bubbling with energy, high wellness feeling, better immunity as also feels and looks younger. Likely that appearance gets to be complimented by unbiased friends and relatives. Somewhat as though ageing was reversed.

A whole body harmonisation can be done as an intelligent preventive health therapy option when the person is not sick.


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