HOLISTIC & 100% DRUGLESS HEALING comes to Cochin, through Jos P Thomas, Year:2012

Fr. Binoj Mulavarickal of Little Flower Chruch , Elamkulam, promoted to hold charge of Chitoor Retreat Centre and of Shalom fame formally blessed the Yoga & SuJok Research Centre on 1st March ‘2012 in the name and style of "Little Flower Research Centre"

Su Jok is an alternative therapy of Korean base. Literally , Su-Jok means hand and feet. The entire body, its organs and systems are reflected in the hand and feet as correspondence points. When illness strikes a particular part , its correspondence point also gets effected. Proper identification of the point and appropriate stimulation of the point at the hand / feet gives a cure. Various stimulation methods such as

  • Pressing (stimulation) with / without a probe
  • 'Moxa' - heating
  • Magnets : bar or star
  • Colour
  • Seed
  • Needles (like those in Accupunture) etc are commonly used. In the first sitting itself a quantifiable improvement is seen. The system is both alternative and complimentary.
Grand master
Prof Park Jae Woo
SuJok master
Sober Rajan

Jos P Thomas completed training and certification in three higher levels under SuJok Master : Sober Rajan, Su-Jok Ki International, Bangalore [ affiliated with International SuJok Association & International Triorigin Academy]. Master Sober Rajan is a rare student to have trained directly under Grand-Master Prof. Park Jae Woo.

  • Standard correspondence Su Jok system
  • Six Ki SuJok &
  • Tri-origin Su Jok.
  • Micro-Acupuncture of Korea [started here in the year 2012].
  • China [Auricular]
  • Japan [YNSA]

Energy dis-balance causes illness. Without the use of medicines or cuts or pain , this energy dis-balance is corrected to obtain notable reduction in pain and discomfort. Purely a spiritual therapy. Already numerous people across the globe have taken benefit from here. The centre can be accessed through 94460 16040, 12 to 1pm, daily.

For a few of their feedback please refer to page on "IMPRESSIONS"

Further: New additions are

  • IIP : Ion Infiltration Purification [a sophisticated and highly effective detoxification method.
  • Pulse Diagnosis : an ancient yet accurate body constitution determination protocol.
  • UNIQUE : Immuno-booster therapy

The very famous retired Chief Physician of Cochin Port Trust Dr. Mrs. K J Ammini MD is the mother of Jos. She was among the Sr. Doctors who started the free monthly medical camp @ LF Church.

Jos, a self employed Engineer from the prestigious College Of Engineering , Trivandrum [ CET ] , was ignited into spiritual quest by a Sufi master Dr.PM Syed of Cosmic Consciousness, Bangalore , fame . Later he went on to undertake research in YOGA after his ‘ Teacher Of Yoga ‘ certification from 'The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanata Centre'. Close friends prefer calling him "Jala- Yogi" for his rare siddhi of doing Asymmetrical – Floating – on Violently flowing River , without moving a limb/finger at the Alwaye Periyar. He is documenting this. On spiritual search , this ‘vratha’ freak climbed up Mount Abu on Indo-Pak border and the Himalayas up-to Maana on Indo-China border, approx 4500M above Mean Sea Level.

Jos P Thomas
Dr. PM Sayed

NO drugs, oils, ointment, injection, inhalation, blade, thread or rituals. Healing achieved without consuming any physical world material is nothing but metaphysical, ie spiritual healing. Done with scientific precision, Jos admits that he is just an instrument of divinity, the actual healing manifestation is the gift of the LORD.

With Yogacharya Swami Mahadevananda